Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

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This week's Top Ten is...

 Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

1. Lily Evans & the Marauders (Harry Potter)

(gif not mine. taken from tumblr but not credited.)

I'm actually going stop my list here because Lily and the Marauders are possibly my favourite thing about Harry Potter. I love them so much that I actually hope JKR never writes a prequel if only because I don't want my theories or, more specifically, my idea of these characters to be incorrect. We barely glimpse at what Lily and the Marauders were like and usually through someone else's point of view which most of the time is extremely biased. (I'm thinking of you Snape and Petunia) But my point being that they easily and quite suddenly became my favourite characters to the point where I was more excited about my favourite fanfictions updating than I was about the release of the next Harry Potter book.

I am sure there are plenty of other memorable secondary characters but they all pale in comparison with how much the friendship between Remus, Sirius, James, Peter and Lily and Snape stuck with me. I have to say, Snape's Worst Memory is probably my favourite chapter ever and that last scene with Lily and the Marauders at the end of Deathly Hallows made me cry more than anything else (yes, even Fred). I know it's a bit of an unorthodox take on the top ten usual style but I just wanted to share my love for these characters which I often feel are underappreciated.

Do you have any other secondary characters you ended up loving more than the protagonists? Did you like Lily and the Marauders as much as I did? Are you more of a Snape stan? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I wish authors would just leave a series alone. Somebody will finally talk JKR into writing a prequel and everything will be spoiled.

    Here's my list of best secondary book characters.

  2. Interesting. There are SO many great secondary characters in HP, but I haven't seen anyone today mention LIly, James, and co. Great pick!

  3. I love that you just had one pick on your list, but you did pick a good one!

    Here's my TTT.


  4. There are SO many great side characters in the HP series that I could make a full list of just them (I'm thinking Dobby, Snape, Hagrid, Luna, Fred & George... no wait all the Weasleys... and it could just go on and on). Cool idea just doing the James Potter gang... I would love to read prequel though, that would be fun!

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  5. I like that your list is focused. I agree, it would be hard to read a prequel, since it would spoil a lot of preconceived notions we have about Lily and James and the Mauraders. Still . . . part of me still wants to read it. Ugh! That's the problem with Harry Potter - I always want more! Such great books!

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    Denise @ Life With No Plot

  6. I absolutely loved the Marauders as well. I wasn't very interested in fanfiction for Harry Potter until people started writing novel length stories about them. Great pick!

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